About Me

My name is Shekhar Patkar. I have been photographing in one way or the other for over 35 years. It started out as a hobby and evolved into a passion. My approach to my work is very thorough and professional. However, I practise it more as an art than a profession, and experiment quite a bit.

Me and You

What can we do together? Perhaps it is your desire to get some nice informal memories of your family and friends. Or some keepsakes to remind you how nice you look today. Or some ideas you have in mind that you would like to try out. Some events perhaps, a birthday, a wedding. Let's get together and have some fun while creating your project!

My Clients

My services are purchased by corporations, universities, and organizations around the world. Below is a list of just a few of my clients and events that I have provided my services for over the years.

Zambellies TV Shoot (2016)
NetIP Event San Francisco (2010)
Maitri Rupa and the April Fishes Program (2009)
Santa Cruz Portfolio Jam (2008)
Bank of The West Classic Tournament, IMG, and Nirvana Woman Fashion Show (2008)
Nirvana Lifestyle Academy of Arts University Graduation Fashion Show (2008)
Induz The Catwalk Purrrty (2006), Laila O Laila (2007)
The French-American Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco La Soiree (2007)
Charmosa Swimwear Show at the Four Seasons Palo Alto (2007)
Ghetto Disco, Bates House and Kismet Dessertery Elan Fashion Week (2005)
India Community Center Banquet (2004)
Paradiso di Moda Fashion Show (2004)
Seth Lepore "Older Than Hours" Album Promotion (Indie Pop) (2004)
Cactus Flower Magazine, BITS Pilani (India) Passing out batch photos (1989-91)
NSS Village Uplift and Inoculation photos (Annual Magazine) (1989)
Oasis Photography Department, BITS Pilani (India) Event Photography (1987-1991)

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